Matthias G. Bernold is an Austrian communications specialist, book author and podcast host/producer, covering urban development, green technology and transportation.

In 2018, he published his second book “So läuft Start-up” with and about Florian Gschwandtner, the founder of  the App “Runtastic”.

In recent years, Matthias Bernold has built a reputation as a cycling journalist. Since 2018, he has been hosting and producing the cycling-podcast “Reich durch Radeln” with co-hosts Klaus Brixler, Isabella Klebinger and Magda Jöchler. Since 2013, Matthias Bernold has been the editor of the Austrian cycling magazine DRAHTESEL.

From 2015 to 2017, Matthias Bernold presented the show “Talk and Ride” for the local TV-channel W24. For this show he invented and co-created the first mobile TV-studio in the world, based on a cargo-trike. The show ran for three seasons and may be restarted in fall 2019 / spring 2020.

Since 2012, Matthias Bernold has been working as a reporter and blogger for the daily newspaper “Wiener Zeitung”. He contributed stories for the Austrian publications Profil, Datum, Freude, Wirtschaftsblatt and Wienerin.

In January 2012 he published his first book “Revolution 3.0” with the Swiss publishing house Xanthippe, portraying ten change makers in different parts of the world who reshaped politics in their communities.

From August to November 2008, Bernold traveled across the United States covering the US-elections for a variety of Austrian and German publications, such as Wiener Zeitung, Falter and Welt.

In May 2008, he graduated from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York City.

Before joining Columbia in 2007, Bernold was a staff reporter for the Austrian weekly Falter and before that for the Austrian daily newspaper Wiener Zeitung. He covered the infamous Natascha Kampusch-case, and he contributed stories to the German magazine Stern. In summer 2006, when the war in Lebanon started, he was sent to Israel and West Jordan.

In 2007, Bernold was awarded the Graf und Graefin Arco Fellowship which is granted to Columbia students who demonstrate extraordinary promise. In 2005, he won the Journalistenpreis des Juridisch Politischen Lesevereins. In the same year, being a fellow of the World Press Institute, Bernold traveled the United States for four month.

Matthias Bernold graduated from the University of Vienna in 2001 with a degree in law. He is also an accomplished press photographer and has studied photojournalism at the University of Hawaii .